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Shafiq Gujjar
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Jaranwala, Punjab, Pakistan
while ( true ) {
std::cout << "Sallaho Ta`ala "
<< "alehei Wa Alehie Wasalam"
<< std::endl;
1. Lack of courtesy is cause of all evils Hazrat Ali (May Allah Almighty Bless Him).
2. Brevity is the soul of wit.
3. There is no real excellence in the world, except right living.
4. When Romen engineers built a bridge, they had to stand under it while the first legion marched across, If programmers today worked under similar ground rules. They might well find themselves getting much more interested in Ada.
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Interests : 
Favourite Sports: Cricket Team Captain
Favourite Sports: Soccer Striker
Favourite Team: Brazil national football team
Favourite Team: Spain national football team
Favourite Team: ICC Cricket World Cup 2011. Sport Games&
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